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The Master Musicians of Joujouka

pit 10 mies. temu

Marokańska grupa folk powstała we wczesnych latach pięćdziesiątych, aktywnie działająca do dzisiaj. Coś jak nasze Mazowsze. W latach dziewięćdziesiątych doszło do schizmy w zespole, w skutek czego Bachir Attar sformował własny kolektyw, występujący pod nazwą "The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar".

Obie grupy grają tradycyjną transową muzykę sufijską, opartą na frenetycznych rytmach, egzotycznych instrumentach w rodzaju rhaity (drewniany instrument dęty z podwójnym stroikiem) i zadziwiających chórach (czasem brzmią jak sprzężone samplery ;) ).

Na Zachodzie zdobyli popularność dzięki takim ludziom jak: Brian Jones, Ornette Coleman, David Cronenberg, William Burroughs, czy Brion Gysin. Ten ostatni twierdził, że podczas medytacji przed Dreamachine słucha tylko strony B "Heathen Earth" Throbbing Gristle i The Master Musicians of Jajouka. ... Of-Jajouka ... f-Joujouka


Jako The Master Musicians of Joujouka:

Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka (1971)
Tribe Ahl Serif: Master Musicians of Jajouka (1974)
Joujouka Black Eyes (1995)
Boujeloud (2006)
Into the Ahl Srif: Master Musicians of Joujouka (2015)

Jako The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar:

Apocalypse Across the Sky (1992)
Jajouka Between the Mountains (1996)
Master Musicians of Jajouka Featuring Bachir Attar (2000)
Jajouka Live Vol. 1 (2009)
The Road to Jajouka (2014)


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pit 9 mies. temu

My own music was the wild flutes of the hill tribe Ahl Serif.Their secret, guarded even from them, was that they were stillperforming the Rites of Pan under their ragged cloak of Islam.Westermark first recognized their patron, Bou Jeloud, the Fatherof Skins, to be Pan, the little goat god of panic with his pipes.From an account of their dances, he gathered they must still berunning the Roman Lupercalia, which had attached itself to theprincipal Muslim feast of the lunar year to survive. [...}

I fell out of business, not over money but magic. My Swissbanker never objected to items marked MAGIC that appeared in the bookkeeping done by his bank. He just raised an eyebrowand asked: "Are you running an ethnographic museum, perhaps?" In a way. I kept some notes and drawings, meaning to write a recipe book of magic. My Pan people were furious when they found out. They poisoned my food twice and then, apparently, resorted to more efficacious means to get rid of me. During a routine kitchen check, I called for a ladder to see ifa ventilator had truly been oiled. There was the Mare's Nest un-der my nose: a treasure trove for an ethnographer, I suppose. Seven round, speckled pebbles; seven big seeds in their pods; seven shards of mirror surrounded a small square paper packet,barely dusted over with soot. The charm stuck together with goo, probably made of newts' eyes, menstrual blood, pubic hair and chewing gum. Inside was the text, written in rusty ink from rightto left across the square of paper, which had then been turned on its side and written over again to form the cabalistic grid. The invocation, when I got it hazily made out, called on the Jinn of the Hearth: "May Massa Brahim [Brion] leave this house as the smoke leaves this fire, never to return .. ."

- Brion Gysin - The Third Mind

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