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Earthless (Psych/Space Rock)

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Instrumentalny psych/heavy psych/space/kraut rock. Muzyka zespołu w większości opiera się na improwizowanych jamach.

O inspiracjach z wikipedii:
Earthless consider themselves most strongly influenced by krautrock and psychedelic bands from Japan. Eginton has identified such Japanese groups as Blues Creation, Flower Travellin' Band, High Rise and White Heaven as being inspirational for Earthless, and for krautrock, Rubalcaba has named Guru Guru and Amon Düül II. Classic rock has also influenced the group, as they also share an interest in Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Eginton has also said the earlier work of Miles Davis has impacted the band, along with other modal jazz players, as the band often choose a key or mode and almost never play outside it even regardless of what the guitar solo becomes.

Although typically labeled a stoner rock group, they reject the term, and the band have stated they do not use marijuana; rather, they drink coffee or iced tea.

The band alternate between writing their songs out and improvising them on the spot, repeatedly playing the improvised parts in their live set to the point that the parts become features of the song. Rubalcaba has noted the distinction between improvisation and jamming; he argues that improvisation differs from jamming in that improvisation is more focused and has a purpose, while jamming does not.

As Earthless are primarily an instrumental band, their music has no vocals by default, although Mitchell has sung vocals for the group on the few songs that need them (such as "Cherry Red" and "Woman with the Devil Eye"). Other than that, the group do not intend to hire a full-time vocalist, despite all the offers they have received over the years
Isaiah Mitchell – Guitars, Vocals (2001–present)
Mike Eginton – Bass (2001–present)
Mario Rubalcaba – Drums (2001–present)

Wybrana dyskografia:
2005 - Sonic Prayer
2007 - Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky
2008 - Live at Roadburn [live]
2013 - From the Ages
2015 - Live at Tym Guitars, Brisbane Australia [live]
2017 - Live at Freak Valley 2015 [live]
2018 - Black Heaven
2018 - Earthless from the West [live]
2016 - Acid Crusher / Mount Swan [split z Harsh Toke]
2021 - Live in the Mojave Desert: Volume 1 [live]
2022 - Night Parade of One Hundred Demons

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Kawał świetnego - w zdecydowanej większości instrumentalnego - rocka w którym nie ma przesadnej wirtuozerii wykonawczej. Są za to bardzo dobra sekcja rytmiczna, znakomita gitara, sporo emocji, a przede wszystkim hołd dla praojców gitarowego grania - Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple i wielu innych. Do tego gdzieniegdzie słychać takie jakby plemienne, a może nawet dokładnie indiańskie motywy. Bardzo dobre to.
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