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Historia grupy dosyć dziwaczna. W dodatku wydają niestety raz na ruski rok.

Za metal archives:

Traditionally an internet band that was founded between two American members: Chase Martin (from Georgia) and Mike O'Hara (from New York). The group now currently consists of three members that reside within both the USA and the UK.

A fake EP that is titled "Amaranthine Redolence" (the same name as the band's debut album) is available on the web but it never existed, at least not in any officially released form. The cover art used for it was an early proposal for the full-length cover that was eventually dropped.

Cameron "Big Chocolate" Argon was only in Malodorous for a very short time. The only involvement he ever had with the group was that he performed guest vocals for one song for the band's debut album Amaranthine Redolence and he recorded vocals to a non-album track entitled "The Carrion Recoil."

The Carrion Recoil is also the title of a second Malodorous album that was never released due to it never being finished.

Na zachętę:

Cyberking - Vocals (2007-present) Emesis, Pig Grinder, Smog Alert
Wam Lathrem - Bass, Programming (2011-present) Suntorn, Emesis
Dan Sykes - Guitars, Programming (2013-present) Purulence, ex-Eradicated, ex-Throne of Disgust, ex-Suntorn, ex-Vomiter
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Will Turner - Bass
Tanner Soetaert - Bass
Joseph Broad - Guitars
Bob - Guitars
Ryne Hiler - Vocals, Bass (R.I.P. 2014) ex-Throne of Disgust, ex-Rancid Nut Sauce
Mike O'Hara - Guitars (2007-2013) Human Cordyceps, ex-Cordectomy, ex-Expulsive Incision, ex-Splattered Entrails, ex-Noctem, Emesis, ex-Suntorn, ex-Exhibit of Atrocity
Big Chocolate - Vocals (2007) Disfiguring the Goddess, Big Chocolate, Just Jack!, ex-Abominable Putridity, ex-Burning the Masses, ex-Dissever the Tyrant, ex-Commissioner, ex-Perforate Carcass, ex-The Mercury Drug, ex-To Your Severed Bodies Go (live)
Joe Carrere - Guitars (2008-2013) The Laser Weasel Experiment, ex-Conqbine, ex-Open Wide, The Sky
Alexander Eastman - Vocals, Synthesizers (2008-2019) ex-Suntorn
2007 - Amaranthine Redolence
2012 - Augury of the Aborted [demo]
2021 - Gestation of Iniquity [single]


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